Benefits Of Going Organic Even When You Need To Destruct

No need to worry. You only self-destruct when things are not going your way. And if you are one of the mild-mannered readers out there, you are ‘merely’ going to pull your hair out from time to time. But owing to the growing frustration, this may soon turn to; more often than not. In other words, you are trying your utmost best to get rid of a whole host of insect pests; ticks, flies, cockroaches, ants, termites, but please, dear readers, not the bees. Do let the bees be. Your environment needs them. Let’s just say that without them you are pretty much stuffed.

And guess what, whilst most sources of life, from the smallest to the largest, over a period of years, who knows how long this will take, such gradual extinctions have yet to occur, these critters will survive. The scientists say that all this possible. Leave the bees be. Because they are one of the most important cogs in the wheel of providing both flora and fauna with its food. So the earth slowly dies, but the unwanted insects suddenly start to thrive. The earth is left with nothing but poison, while these adaptable creatures lap it up.

They’ll get the shock of their lives. Neither they or your dog will know what hit them. All other pest control measures having failed, miserably and rottenly, the ticks suddenly drop like flies, interesting way of putting it, after you’ve hosed them with your organic tick control. While the bark of the dog is now one of delight, the bark of an unknown Amazonian plant has been used to blast these critters away, hip, hip, hooray.

organic tick control

Only way to survive in this world is to go organic.